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Welcome to 1st Grade!  

-1st GRADE-


**Spelling BEE Practice!  We will have a First Grade Spelling BEE.  Please Study all past and present spelling/HF Words.  Awards will be given to first, second, and third place winners on Elementary Awards Day.  

**Yearbook Day is Friday, May 10th

**The last Scholastic Book order will be coming home soon.  Get your books for summer reading!




**Don't forget your homework!  The only homework we ask is 20 minutes of reading.  This time may include: timed reading practice, decodable readers (Tues & Thurs), Spelling word and High Frequency Word Practice.  Library books or books from your personal library may be read also during this time.  Please initial calendars and decodable readers when this is complete.  


**Please send all money in a LABELED envelope with your child's name and purpose.  Any money send to school that is not labeled will be returned in BEE Books. 


**Please help your child learn their lunch number.  Even if your child does not go through the lunch line often, these numbers are used for many other things.  These numbers should be the same as the one from last year. 


**Check out what we are working on by viewing weekly lesson plans at the following link:


Remember to read for 20 minutes each night....Don't forget to initial your child's calendar

Please check plastic folders each night for notes and reminders.

Weekly newsletters are sent home each Monday.  Please read carefully for important information.  

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*The only Homework given in first grade is 20 Minutes of reading each night. During this 20 minutes students should:

  • Practice Timed Reading
  • Practice High Frequency Words
  • Read Decodable Reader( beginning soon)
  • Read Library Book or choose a book from home

Beginning in Mid-September we will have weekly Spelling Words to practice for Homework.