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8th Grade Math Syllabus  

Huntland Middle School

8th Grade Math Syllabus


Teacher: Mrs. Sheila Williams



Course Description:

 In 8th grade math, we will be making the transition from numbers to variables and from arithmetic to algebra.


Required materials:

3-ring notebook                    Highlighter

5-subject tabs                       Colored Pencils

Notebook and Graph Paper     Markers


Topics to be covered:

Unit 1: Number System, Exponents, Expressions, Solving Equations

Unit 2: Functions, Linear Equations & Graphs, Systems of Equations

Unit 3: Scatter Plots; Two-Way Tables

Unit 4: Fractions and Geometry


Expected Learner Outcomes:

The student will demonstrate through the mathematical process an understanding of:

·         Problem solving, reasoning and proof, connections, and representations

·         Operations with integers, the effects of multiplying and dividing with rational numbers, the

          comparative magnitude of rational and irrational numbers, the approximation of square and

          cubed roots

·         Equations, linear, nonlinear, and quadratic functions

·         The Pythagorean Theorem, the use of ordered pairs, equations, intercepts, and

           intersections to locate points and lines in a coordinate plane, and the effect of a dilation,

           rotation, or reflection on a coordinate plane

·         The use of formulas to determine volume of various shapes and figures


Classroom Expectations:

           Students are expected to come to class everyday prepared and ready to learn with a positive attitude. Students are expected to act in a behavior that is conducive to learning. If students are not able to follow the rules, they will be discipline according to the steps and procedures listed below.


Classroom Rules:

1.    No horseplay of any kind

2.    Come to class on time, prepared and ready to learn

3.    In everything we do, be respectful and polite to all people and their possessions.

4.    Do NOT talk when someone else is speaking.

5.    Stay in your seat at all times unless you have been given permission to be up.


Discipline Procedures:

1.   Warning

2.   Writing assignment of teacher’s choice (Behavior journal- Parents must sign)

3.   Parent conference call

4.   Discipline referral to administration

**Depending on the severity of the offense, order of discipline may vary.

**Multiple discipline referrals may limit a student’s participation in field trips and/or extra-curricular activities.


Notebook Contents:

1.       Notes- Class notes and foldables

                   The students will be allowed to use their class notes and foldables on classwork,  

                    homework, and tests.

2.       Graded Papers- Students must keep a grade sheet with all assignments listed and

                    recorded for the current 9 weeks. The student must keep ALL graded assignments  

                    behind the grade sheet in order according to the date. This allows the students to

                    keep track of their math grade for the 9 weeks.

3.       CW/HW- The students must keep their incomplete classwork and homework behind this  


4.       Voc- Key terms and definitions

5.     Dailies- Bellringers and Daily Math Practice Drills


Make-up Work

It is my hope that all students will be in class each and every day to maximize learning. However, when illness or other situations arise, students will be expected to make up their missing work. Students are responsible for finding out what they have missed and turn in their missing work in a timely manner. Typically students will have 5 days to make up missing assignments. Students are also responsible to obtain missed class notes from a trusted peer. All missing work should be turned into the teacher.


Redo Work

Extra credit is NOT an option, but the students may have an opportunity to improve their grade by redoing assignments at the teacher’s discretion. Redo assignments must be turned into the teacher the next day after being given back to the students.


Grading Policy

Students will receive grades on their classwork, homework, quizzes, tests, and their notebooks. Classwork, homework, and quiz grades count once while test grades and notebook grades count twice.

To receive full credit, students must complete all problems assigned neatly in pencil and show all work.

A 93-100

B 85-92

C 75-84

D 70-74

F 69-below