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7th Grade Math Syllabus

7th Grade Math Syllabus  

7th Grade Math Syllabus

Course Description: We will study the topics needed to be successful in 7th grade mathematics, and prepare ourselves for the next grade level.

Materials: Pencil, paper, graph paper, notebook, color pencils

Homework Policy: Homework will be checked daily. To receive full credit all questions must be answered, and work must be shown.

Late Work/Make-up work: Late work will be accepted before grades are due, but the highest grade possible will be a 70. Make-up work is due 3 days after you return, unless otherwise told by the teacher.

Attendance: Attendance is vital to success in class. Repeated absences will result in Saturday school.

Policies: No horseplay of any kind, Be in your seat and ready to work when class begins, bring all materials to class, be respectful and polite to all people and their possessions.

Topics to be covered:

Unit 1- The Number System

Unit 2- Ratios and Proportional Relationships

Unit 3- Expressions and Equations

Unit 4- Geometry

Unit 5- Statistics and Probability