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Summer Scholar Guide 

8th Grade ELA Summer Scholar Guide

Your eighth grade year is the culmination of your middle education.  It is the your last opportunity to discover and learn without regard to a GPA or concern for credits.  Our goal is that you leave middle school with a solid foundation of skill sets on which to build your high school career, and thus your successful life.

Your eighth grade year begins at 9:30 AM, Friday, May 24, 2019. Ms. Brandy, Mrs. Hillis, and you have worked diligently to ready you for this final middle school journey, so let us not indulge the “summer slide.”  It is necessary that you keep your brain active in all academic areas during these summer months.

As you know, in ELA we have many areas of focus.  In reading literature we will be focusing on allusions, analogies, point of view, irony, inference, and citing relevant textual evidence. For reading informational text, the focus is on figurative language, tone, author’s point of view, evaluate using different mediums of presentation, relevant evidence, sound reasoning, central idea, and objective summary.  Our primary writing is centered on argumentative, informational, and narrative, as well as writing and speaking based on research. The main language concepts we will explore are phrases, clauses, types of sentences, voice and mood of a verb, word meaning, word relationships, connotation and denotation.


Using these resources throughout the summer will help you when you return to school in August:


To best prepare yourself for the eighth grade, read, read, read, and then read some more.  

Have a most enjoyable summer break!

Cindy Garrett

8th Grade ELA