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6th Grade Reading and Language Syllabus              Mrs. Brandy Frame                          2018-2019                                                      

RLA Standards

Reading (Literature and Informational Text): Key Ideas and Details, Craft and Structure, Integration of Knowledge and Ideas, Range of Reading and Level of Text Complexity

Writing: Text Types and Purposes, Production and Distribution of Writing, Research to Build and Present Knowledge, Range of Writing

Speaking and Listening: Comprehension and Collaboration, Presentation of Knowledge and Ideas

Language: Conventions of Standard English, Knowledge of Language, Vocabulary Acquisition and Use

6th Grade Supply List: 1- (2 inch) 3 ring binder, 5 dividers with tabs

***Other items needed in multiple classes: pencil bag, pencils, colored pencils, multicolored pens,  1 pack of reinforcement labels, loose leaf notebook paper, scotch tape, personal pencil sharpener, large eraser, scissors, glue sticks           *** Materials will need to be replenished throughout the year.

Grading: Grades will come from tests, projects, and daily grades, such as, classwork, homework, bell ringers, quizzes, etc. There will be a graded papers tab in the binder where all graded papers are to be kept. Please refer to calendar in the front of the binder for upcoming quizzes, homework and information.                                                    **I randomly check binders for a grade each 6 weeks.

Attendance and Dress Code: Students are expected to know the rules for attendance and dress code specified in the handbook.

Leaving During Class: The students have a break approximately every 50 minutes, so they will need to get all materials for class during that break. Restrooms should be visited between classes as well.

Homework: Homework will be assigned for review and comprehension purposes. If class time is used wisely, there should not be a lot of written homework. Make sure to read and study notes and guides.

Makeup Work: Students will have 3 days to make up missed assignments. This is the student’s responsibility to get missed assignments and needed materials.

Binders: The binders are very important and will be used every day. Everything will have a place and this will be used each day in class and used to study at home.

Rules and Consequences: Refer to the Middle School Policy Form for rules and consequences.

Bell Procedures: Be prepared to start working at the beginning of each class. A bell ringer will be posted everyday with directions to get the class started.

Contact information: Brandy Frame, 931-361-0300,

Important: **FREE breakfast for everyone!  *** Middle school students are not allowed to charge lunch.