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Syllabus/ Planbook 




6th Grade Reading and Language Syllabus         

                 Mrs. Brandy Frame                          2019-2020                                                      

RLA Standards


Skills to practice: theme, central idea, make predictions, fact and opinion, dictionary and thesaurus, structure and plot, characterization, make inferences, draw conclusions, point of view, author’s purpose, word choice and tone, main ideas, supporting details, multiple meaning words, problem and solution, figurative and connotative language, poetic structure, context clues, paraphrasing, conflict, compare and contrast, summarize, mood

Unit 1: Fiction and Nonfiction

Unit 2: Short Stories

Unit 3: Types of Nonfiction

Unit 4: Poetry

Book Study: Chapter Book Readings


Text Types and Purposes, Production and Distribution of Writing, Research to Build and Present Knowledge, Range of Writing

(descriptive essay, persuasive essay, narrative essay, argumentative essay, compare and contrast essay)

Speaking and Listening: Comprehension and Collaboration, Presentation of Knowledge and Ideas

-follow oral directions, speech preparation, speech presentation


Conventions of Standard English, Knowledge of Language, Vocabulary Acquisition and Use

-grade level language skills



6th Grade Supply List: 1- (2 inch) 3 ring binder, 5 dividers with tabs

***Other items needed in multiple classes: pencil bag, pencils, colored pencils, multicolored pens,  1 pack of reinforcement labels, loose leaf notebook paper, scotch tape, personal pencil sharpener, large eraser, scissors, glue sticks           *** Materials will need to be replenished throughout the year.

Grading: Grades will come from tests, projects, and daily grades, such as, classwork, homework, bell ringers, quizzes, etc. There will be a graded papers tab in the binder where all graded papers are to be kept. Please refer to calendar in the front of the binder for upcoming quizzes, homework and information.                                                    **I randomly check binders for a grade each 6 weeks.

Attendance and Dress Code: Students are expected to know the rules for attendance and dress code specified in the handbook.

Leaving During Class: The students have a break approximately every 50 minutes, so they will need to get all materials for class during that break. Restrooms should be visited between classes as well.

Homework: Homework will be assigned for review and comprehension purposes. If class time is used wisely, there should not be a lot of written homework. Make sure to read and study notes and guides.

Makeup Work: Students will have 3 days to make up missed assignments. This is the student’s responsibility to get missed assignments and needed materials.

Binders: The binders are very important and will be used every day. Everything will have a place and this will be used each day in class and used to study at home. Binder check will be graded. 

Rules and Consequences: Refer to the Middle School Policy Form for rules and consequences.

Bell Procedures: Be prepared to start working at the beginning of each class. A bell ringer will be posted everyday with directions to get the class started.

Contact information: Brandy Frame, 931-361-0300,

Important: **FREE breakfast for everyone!  *** Middle school students are not allowed to charge lunch.