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Custom Page 

*Copy & Paste the LINK to my planbook to see what we are working on each week *


A N N O U N C E M E N T S:

Field Day!

May 21, 2018


H O M E W O R K:  20 minutes of reading any of the following or a combination

  • Weekly Timed Readings
  • High-Frequency/Sight Words - located in BEE book
  • Library Book, etc.
  • Spelling Words

***Make sure to read the newsletter to complete the WPM(words per minute) chart and intial each night.

Timed Readings are so important for your child's development in independent. reading.


  • Make sure to initial your child's BEE book calendar when homework is completed each night.  Doing this will inform and ensure that I know your child is completing their homework.
  • A weekly newsletter goes home each week, make sure to check that out for all important dates and information!
  • Don't forget to check & EMPTY Friday Folders each Friday with all graded papers.  Please return to school on Monday.
  • Make sure all money is in the green BEE book folder in a labeled envelope or bag.
  • Check BEE books every night and make sure they return to school each day.