About Our School

Mission Statement  

The mission of Huntland Schools is to provide a caring, secure, and positive environment which fosters respect, responsibility, and readiness, enabling ALL students to become productive citizens.

About Us

The first school, Huntland Academy was built in 1869-70 on what is now John Hunter Highway and Main Street. During this time there were no public school funds for erecting schools, buying equipment, or paying teacher salaries. Under the leadership of two teachers, Miss Mollie Setiff and Professor T.P. Brennon, community interest in Huntland Academy grew.

Soon the need for a larger building was evident. Public meetings were held and by various ways and means plans for a larger Huntland Academy were planned. Two local men who owned a timber yard and a sawmill donated the needed materials for constructing a new building. At the same time, Mr. Clinton Hunt donated land located at the corner of Alabama and College Street. The cost of the newly constructed Huntland Academy was $1000.00. The new school, completed in 1880, contained two recreation rooms and a large study hall. Faithful instructors carried on Huntland Academy until 1908 at which time education became publicly funded.

In 1907, the Franklin County Board of Education purchased two and one half acres of land for $250.00 from Gustavas Aldolphus and his wife Mary Bell Gore and her mother Mary Spenser Gore. This land at the corner of Gore and College Streets became the site of Huntland School. Construction began immediately after the purchase. A square, brick two-story building with a large belfry was designed. The new Huntland School consisted of four classrooms, a music conservatory, and two cloakrooms that were located on the first floor. An auditorium and library were on the second floor.

Huntland High School was officially established in 1912. In 1914, due to excessive growth, several classrooms were added to the back of the existing building. Again in the late twenties, an addition was needed to accommodate the growing number of students. In 1948, a gymnasium was added to the campus of Huntland School. Between 1936 and 1949 many more building additions were added including five classrooms, an agriculture shop, lunchroom, and a football stadium.

Growth in the Huntland community dictated the need for expansion. In 1960, a new elementary building was erected and again in 1969. Growth still increased and various upgrades were made over the next several years. These additions included a larger gymnasium, high school wing, upper elementary, and a larger cafeteria.

Between 2001 and 2005 many other additions were constructed on Huntland’s campus. These include a new sports complex which included football, baseball, and softball fields, an elementary gym, music/band room, and a high school wing consisting of eleven instructional classrooms. Currently Huntland Schools’ campus consists of six main buildings; K-1 elementary, 2-4 elementary, 5-8 middle school, agricultural science, high school, and a sports complex building. This totals 51 instructional classrooms.

Huntland Schools have made a great deal of progress over the past 100 years, from a private academy to the beautiful Pre-K – 12th grade campus enjoyed today. Huntland Schools have had a long tradition of pride and excellence in education which continues to flourish today.